Dear Holiday Parade Supporters,
It is after long thought and deliberation that we will no longer be producing the Oro Valley Holiday Parade.
The Parade started when a group of community residents went to Town Council seeking a holiday parade. After input from a variety of constituents, the first parade took place in December 2005. Shortly after that, former Mayor Paul Loomis stated that, “Government does not belong in the parade business,” and that an outside organization would have to produce it going forward. The Oro Valley Parade Committee, Inc. was formed with volunteers that worked tirelessly to bring this annual parade to the community for 10 straight years.
When we started, our kids were in middle and high school. We now find ourselves with changed lives and a lot of us have grandchildren! It is because of these and other changes in our personal lives that we find it more difficult to put in the amount of time and energy required to bring this event to the Community.
We are extremely grateful that Dr. Satish Hiremath committed Hiremath Family Dentistry to be Title Sponsor for 10 years. Additional appreciation goes out to Dave Perry and Alex Demeroutis (Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce) for their loyal support and dedicated involvement.
A special thanks to the Oro Valley Police Department, Chief Danny Sharp, the Oro Valley Police Explorers and Kevin Mattocks for their help in ensuring a safe and fun event for the community.
Most importantly, we thank all our volunteers enormously for the countless hours they have given year after year. Specifically, our gratitude is extended to: Mia, John, and Lauren Barnett, Michelle and Mark Branham, Kathleen Nicholson, Tonya, Dave, and Megan Wile, Ani Ehramjian, Tom McNamara, Mike Valencik, Santa, Stacy, Mason and Mahra Solberg, Candy Masone, Stan Winetrobe, David and Michael Devery, and Brianna and Sarah Jimenez. Additionally we are very grateful to the original volunteers who met for months to make the Parade a reality.
Finally, a big thank you to the participants and the spectators – we hope you enjoyed the memories!!! It has been our sincere pleasure to give this annual gift to our community. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season!!!

Jackie Devery, Director
Pat Jimenez, Assistant Director